CandyLand dank vapes

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CandyLand dank vapes

For starters, Dank Vapes – Candy Land: Appearance: Delicious and vibrant, CandyLand dank vapes produces fleshy flowers that have an underlying green color of the military . Nailed with a THC-lace trichome powder. These potent buds seem ok to eat but they’re better when smoked. Secondly, Candyland’s cocoon has peachy pistils protruding from the within of the flower. Tapered and prepared for action, Candyland’s pointed calyxes flash a fantastic sort of purple tones, particularly once they break. Coherence: as its name suggests, Candyland’s cocoon is awfully dense and quite a touch sticky. Unlike many dominant Sativa hybrids, Candyland’s texture and density lean more toward its cookie lineage. While anyone is carrying their “daily driver” with Dank Vapes, Candy Land’s nugs can likely survive without a grinder. those that roll an articulation will find that sort of utensil an absolute necessity.


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